Cancer is pregnancy remains uncommon, however, changes in lifestyle and a maturing maternity population is likely to increase the incidence. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer in pregnancy or soon after birth is difficult and challenging for the woman and her family. It is important that maternity practitioners are aware of some of the issues and impact to ensure that the woman receives the most appropriate and timely information and support.

This i-learn module has been developed to support midwives, student midwives and maternity support workers in caring for women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy and postnatally. The aim of this module is to enable maternity staff to feel more confident and informed when supporting women in this unusual and challenging situation.

On completion of this i-learn module you will:

  • understand that the impact of cancer on pregnant women is complex and multi-faceted
  • be able to identify key issues affecting women diagnosed with cancer in pregnancy
  • know that cancer symptoms are often similar to common pregnancy symptoms, making a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy more difficult and potentially causing delay
  • understand that maintaining normality and choice where possible is important to women experiencing cancer during pregnancy, and consider ways to facilitate this
  • be able to explain why women experiencing cancer in pregnancy are at a significantly higher risk of poor mental health
  • understand the importance of seeing a midwife as well as a doctor for women in this situation

Study time: 45 minutes

This version: 2021
Next review: 2024