What is tongue-tie? How can it impact on the woman and baby? What can be done to manage and treat it?

This module will provide a basic knowledge of tongue-tie, a condition that can restrict the tongue's movement because of a short, tight frenulum. You will learn about its impact on infant feeding and on the mother and baby relationship. The module also looks at its management and treatment, with some ideas of how to support the woman and baby whilst waiting for their tongue-tie appointment. You will be able to recognise the signs that suggest that there might be a tongue-tie and recommend that the baby is seen by a specialist.

The module has been fully revised with new, improved images and additional short videos to help you understand the condition and the treatment.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • recognise the problems that a tight lingual frenulum may cause in infant feeding
  • explain the process of examining for tight lingual frenulum
  • refer appropriately
  • use evidence-based knowledge to describe the procedure for tongue-tie division to parents
  • care for tongue-tied infants and their mothers with compassion

Study time: 1 hour

Original content: 2016
Reviewed: 2021
Next review 2024