Epilepsy is the most common serious, potentially life threatening neurological condition to encounter in pregnancy and up to a year postnatally. Increasing midwifery knowledge about epilepsy can potentially reduce morbidity and mortality rates through recognition of risks and a deteriorating medical condition. This i-learn module on epilepsy aims to develop knowledge and understanding of epilepsy, its treatment and management and improve midwives confidence in supporting pregnant women and their relatives more effectively as part of a wider multidisciplinary team.

On completion of this module you will:

    • understand the impact of epilepsy in pregnancy and how to ensure women has access to the most appropriate treatment
    • understand epilepsy terminology, pregnancy facts and risks
    • understand the principles of antiepileptic drug (AED) treatment and the role of the midwife in supporting drug compliance
    • be aware of the dilemmas women with epilepsy face in balancing the potential risks of AEDs exposure in pregnancy versus risk of harm from seizures
    • signpost women with epilepsy and other healthcare professionals to local and national epilepsy pathways and support

This course includes a video animation of under 9 minutes.

    Study time: 1.5 hours

    Original content: 2017
    Updated: 2018
    Reviewed: 2020/1
    Next review: 2024