This updated i-learn module will develop awareness and understanding of what domestic abuse is, who is affected by it and how it presents in modern society, including its consequences.

The module aims to develop confidence in identifying pregnant women who are experiencing domestic abuse or children exposed to such abuse and in need of protection and support. It will also highlight the need for safeguarding and referring women to the right sources of help and support, including public authorities and voluntary community service organisations (non-government organisations).

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • understand the context of domestic abuse and UK law that applies to DA
  • identify the scale of domestic abuse within the wider context of violence against women & girls (VAWG) or gender-based violence (GBV)
  • understand how domestic abuse (DA) presents including identifying the signs and symptoms
  • understand the impact of DA on the pregnant woman and her children, including the unborn child
  • identify the action to be taken by a midwife to safeguard the pregnant woman experiencing DA and her unborn child
  • understand the importance of and confidently use risk assessment, information sharing and record keeping to safeguard a pregnant woman experiencing domestic abuse
  • support a woman who is experiencing DA

Study time: 45 minutes (includes videos of 4 to 7 minutes and and an 18-minute video with transcript)

Original content: 2019
This version: 2022