For the majority of women, pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent is a normal physiological life event where they are cared for safely and kept free from harm. Most pregnant and labouring women are fit and well, yet a number of women have left hospital care with an injury that impacted on their life and the care of their newborn baby.

From 1 April 2000 to 31 March 2018 NHS Resolution received 96 claims relating to pressure ulcers suffered by women in maternity units. This brief module will explore why some women are receiving sub-standard care in hospitals and how lessons can be learnt to raise awareness to prevent pressure ulcers happening in maternity care.

Study time: 10 minutes

Feedback from learners:

This was an informative top up of knowledge
The module was informative and added further knowledge to pressure ulcers and how to support women.

Published: February 2023