This i-learn module on identifying and supporting mothers with perinatal mental health difficulties provides an understanding of the problem and its scale within pregnancy and the postpartum period in the UK. It provides information on understanding and identifying how disorders may present, the way to ask about mental wellbeing during an appointment and which services can help with information and support.

The module will also consider the responsibilities of midwives and support workers in identifying women who need support, practical steps to ask about mental wellbeing, women at higher risk of mental illness in pregnancy and why it is important for mental illness to be identified and treated early for both the woman and her unborn child.

By the end of this i-learn module you should be able to:

  • understand that women can be affected by mental illness in pregnancy, either for the first time or due to an ongoing condition, as well as in the postnatal period
  • understand the significance of perinatal health in the antenatal period
  • be able to demonstrate knowledge of a range of perinatal mental health conditions
  • be able to recognise a range of symptoms of common perinatal mental health disorders
  • appreciate and understand that communication with women around their mental health and wellbeing needs a sensitive, non-judgmental approach
  • understand your role in supporting women to get access to appropriate information and support
  • be aware of the sensitive context and stigma around perinatal mental health and actively listen and provide empathy

Study time: 1 hour

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