Research is a key mechanism for improving services, testing new models of care, and ensuring that quality care is delivered with excellent outcomes for mothers and babies. The research landscape can look complicated! This i-learn module has been developed to support midwives, midwifery students and maternity support workers (MSWs) in understanding the role of research in current maternity care and how it is delivered and implemented in the four nations of the United Kingdom (UK).

This module introduces you to the stakeholders involved in delivering clinical research – including you.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the importance of clinical research in the NHS and in maternity care
  • Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative research methodologies
  • Understand the Research Cycle and research governance in the UK
  • Describe how research is supported and funded
  • Attain the NIHR Good Clinical Practice research certificateed in the UK
  • Be able to undertake the NIHR Principal Investigator Pipeline Programme training

Study time: 25 minutes

This module relates to the following NMC Future midwife standards of proficiency for midwives:

Domain 1: Being an accountable, autonomous, professional midwife


Domain 5: Promoting excellence: the midwife as colleague, scholar and leader

Published: May 2024