This i-learn module has been developed to support you with transforming research knowledge into clinical practice as midwifery practitioners, researchers and leaders. It introduces you to the importance of a ‘research active’ culture, different ways of sharing research findings as well as the practicalities, enablers and barriers to implementing research findings in clinical practice.

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this module you will:

  • Have considered what creates a ‘research active’ culture
  • Know effective ways to share research knowledge as a midwifery practitioner or researcher
  • Have explored enablers and barriers to embedding research findings into practice.
  • Be able to undertake a review of research or practice on a specific topic

Study time: 30 minutes

This module relates to the following NMC Future midwife standards of proficiency for midwives:

Domain 1: Being an accountable, autonomous, professional midwife


Domain 5: Promoting excellence: the midwife as colleague, scholar and leader

Published: May 2024