This short module is designed to help midwives, support workers and student midwives to develop their skills in writing papers for presentation at events or for journals. It will provide hints and tips to get your abstract or paper accepted.

Sharing your knowledge and expertise of practice, education and research provides an opportunity to learn from others and to bring about improvements in care for the benefit of women, babies, maternity staff and the service.

The module will help guide you through sharing your expertise and getting your work noticed.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • Write succinct abstracts for oral/poster presentations at conferences/events/awards
  • Develop an oral presentation
  • Develop a poster for presentation
  • Draft an article for a magazine/journal
  • Seek out opportunities to showcase your work
  • Consider other opportunities for development

Study time: 15 minutes

Original content: June 2018