Increasing numbers of pregnant and postnatal women require higher levels of care, including maternity high dependency care (MHDC). This increase is likely to continue due to the higher number of women entering maternity services with existing comorbidities and/or obstetric complications. This i-learn module will explore why this is the case, what MHDC can entail and the challenges it can have for midwifery practice.

By the end of this i-learn module you will have:

  • explored the changing demographics of pregnant women in the UK
  • considered the definitions of critical care
  • looked at the incidence of maternal intensive care unit (ICU) admissions
  • examined the current organisation and provision of maternal HDC within obstetric led units
  • explored some of the challenges associated with maternal HDC
  • investigated the current support networks available to midwives providing maternal HDC

Study time: 20 minutes

Original content: 2019