Maternity support workers (MSWs) play an important role in supporting midwives to deliver quality care to babies, women and their families. Support workers are a vital part of maternity teams across the UK and the voice of MSWs needs to be heard in the workplace. The RCM aims to build a strong network of advocates across the UK, promoting the work of MSWs so that MSW members' needs can be better understood, represented and promoted.

This short i-learn module looks in detail at the role of the advocate and provides information about how support workers and midwives can become more involved.

On completion of this module you will:

  • have an understanding of the role of the MSW advocate
  • appreciate how MSW advocates can support their local branches
  • gain an insight into how the advocate role works within the RCM and the support provided for this role

Study time 20 minutes

This module includes a video of approximately 9 minutes' duration.

Content created: October 2018
Reviewed: 2022