For most women and families their maternity journey is straightforward and they have an expectance and reliance on services working in their 'best interest'. However, maternity care can be complex, challenging and dynamic, throwing up aspects of care that can leave women, their families and professionals in a quandary over how to ensure the best care or the best outcome. These dilemmas in practice are ethically-based and will daily present a challenge for practitioners and parents.

Ethics, ethical principles and acting in a moral way is a fundamental approach to maternity care. However, it is important that maternity teams have explored some of the issues away from practice to have an understanding of how care is affected. Ethical principles are often personal and it is important to be aware of your own views and perspectives to ensure that you are prepared to offer women and families the best care in a non-judgemental way.

On completing this short module you will:

  • have an understanding of key ethical principles
  • have a greater awareness of own personal beliefs
  • understand the link between ethical practice and the professional Code
  • feel more confident in presenting information in a non-judgemental way

Study time: 15 minutes

Original content: 2020