This short module is an introduction to skeletal dysplasia, dwarfism aiming to improve awareness and considerations of the needs of people with dwarfism in maternity care.

By the end of the module you have:

  • knowledge of basic facts and terminology related to dwarfism
  • improved communication with regards to speaking to someone with dwarfism
  • a brief understanding of the genetics of dwarfism
  • knowledge of three main possibilities in which you may meet someone with dwarfism 
  • knowledge of where parents and professionals can obtain support and guidance

Study time: 20 minutes

Feedback from members:

Really very interesting and informative, good links to further information.
Very beneficial module, thank you
Very informative, very interesting to read, upsetting in place with the first scenario, of how these parents were treated, feel there was no support for them and they were left to feel they couldn't enjoy the pregnancy as their child would be different, therefore segregated from certain aspects of Ante-natal care.
Great, easy to access module
I have never read into dwarfism before, therefore all the information was very interesting and worthwhile
Working in a small unit very rarely would you come across people with dwarfism. Therefore this learning gives me informative information on this subject.

Course content: 2020