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Active Birth

Active birth (full course)

Anti-D administration

Antibiotic awareness

Applying the care certificate to practice: a guide for support workers

Appraisal skills for managers

Asylum seekers and refugees

Atypical genitalia

Autism awareness


Baby skin care

Basic life support in maternity: support workers' guide (Standard 12)

Bereavement care

Branch officers: organising the annual general meeting

Branch officers: the chairperson

Branch officers: the secretary

Branch officers: the treasurer

Building resilient practitioners


Calculating expected date of delivery

Cancer in pregnancy and beyond (2021 update)

Changing NHS 2019

Child trafficking

Communication (Care Certificate Standard 6)

Communication in labour: a personal perspective

Compassionate care

Coroner's Court

COVID-19 in pregnancy

COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy

COVID-19: a guide for maternity staff

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) updated 2019


Delivering unexpected news in pregnancy

Developing your Study Skills - Version 2, 2018

Diabetes in pregnancy (2022)

Disposal of pregnancy remains

Domestic abuse

Duty of Care (Care Certificate Standard 3)

Dwarfism and maternity care



Epidurals in labour


Equality and Diversity (Care Certificate Standard 4)

Ethical practice for maternity care

Examination of the newborn


Female genital mutilation

Flu vaccination in pregnant women

Fluids and Nutrition (Care Certificate Standard 8)

Forced marriage


GDPR for activists

Genetics and genomics for midwifery practice (revised 2018)

Global midwifery: considering the practical issues

Global midwifery: considering the theoretical issues

Group B strep


Hand hygiene

Handling information (Care Certificate Standard 14)

Health and Safety (Care Certificate Standard 13)

Health inequalities: the power of maternity care

Home birth midwife: is it for you?

Home birth: past to present

Home birth: setting up the basics

Homelessness & the Duty to Refer

How to measure a baby's heart-rate

Human factors: reducing errors in maternity care

Human rights in maternity care: advocating for women

Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos syndrome and other disorders



i-learn introduction

Infant mental health

Infection prevention and control: an overview (Standard 15)

Inflammatory bowel disease in pregnancy

Intrahepatic cholestasis in pregnancy (ICP)

Involving fathers in maternity care


Jaundice updated 2020


Leadership: an introduction

Leadership: coaching for leaders

Leadership: developing the vision

Leadership: driving results

Leadership: effective communication

Leadership: from theory to practice

Leadership: managing resources

Leadership: promoting learning

Leadership: promoting the profession

Leadership: strategic thinking

Leadership: using influence

Learning to think like a midwifery researcher

Lone working: advice and good practice (2018)


Managing change

Mandatory reporting of female genital mutilation

Maternal high dependency care

Maternity PEARLS - perineal repair and suturing (revised 2016)

Medicines management in maternity: an overview

Mental health, dementia and learning disabilities (Care Certificate Standard 9)

Midwifery continuity of carer: an introduction

Midwifery continuity of carer: implementation

MSW advocates


Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy

Neonatal infection

New stewards foundation course

Newborn bloodspot screening

NMC code

Nutrition in pregnancy


Obesity: supporting women

Ockenden Report

Ockenden Report - Maternity services at the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust


Peri-partum pelvic floor muscle exercises (updated 2020)

Perinatal mental health

Perinatal palliative care: the midwife's role

Planning your elective? Guide to overseas placements

Pregnancy and maternity rights at work

Preparing for your appraisal

Pressure ulcers

Privacy and Dignity (Care Certificate Standard 7)

Promoting compassionate and supportive workplaces

Promoting midwife led care


RCM library

RCM Library resources

Recognising the deteriorating postpartum woman


Relationship support - an early intervention

Research evidence and its impact

Revalidation: all you need to know


Safeguarding and child protection

Safeguarding in maternity: an introduction (Standard 10/11)


Social media: staying safe

Standing up for higher standards


Stillbirth registration

Student survival guide



Teaching posture, handling and lifting in pregnancy

Thermoregulation - keeping the baby at the right temperature


Tuberculosis: prevention and care in pregnancy


Undermining and bullying behaviours in the workplace

Understand your role (Care Certificate Standard 1)

Understanding asylum seekers and refugees


Very brief advice (VBA) on smoking for pregnant women

VTE prevention in maternity (updated 2018)


Why children die

Women affected by the criminal justice system

Women and society

Women in prison: birth charter for care

Work in a Person-Centred Way (Care Certificate Standard 5)

Writing abstracts


Your personal development (Care certificate Standard 2)

Your rights to time off and facilities for trade union duties

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